T-Slot Milling Cutter

2018-09-28 03:01:40
[文字替代]Hole-making – Burnishing Tool, Countersunk Tool, Drill, Hollow Mill, Reamer
[文字替代]  Stamford has a comprehensive selection of tools suitable for any type of hole-making process on most materials and depths. We offer both standard and custom-made solid carbide drills, reamers, etc, that can meet and exceed your most demanding application requirements.
Milling – Dovetail Cutter, End Mill, Forming Tool, T-Slot Cutter
Our comprehensive one-stop solution service includes the designing and customization of quality tools to achieve the best combination of exceptional form and finish, helping you to obtain the highest accuracy standard for milling.
Turning & Grooving – Boring Tool, Grooving Tool, Turning Insert
Give us your component’s material, size, surface finish, other requirements, and we will provide you with the best grooving / parting solution to enhance your production process, and give you a peace of mind when it comes down to getting the best manufacturing quality.
Brazed Tools
To help you improve tool durability and obtain cost reduction, Stamford offers a wide selection of highly customizable, interchangeable brazed tools, suitable for most industrial needs.
Pin & Punch – Broaching Tool, Pin Gauge, Punch
We design and customize high quality carbide pin and punch for cold heading, stamping and die-​casting processes. No matter if the usage is for gaging or measurement applications, we have just the right tool for you.
Gun Barrel Forging – Forging Mandrel, Push Rifle Button, Rifle Gauge
We are one of the few makers in the world to acquire the manufacturing ability and technical skills to produce the highly complex Forging Mandrel, one of the most important elements in the making of gun barrel.
ZeroCon Adjustable Collet
Our newly launched ZeroCon is a patented adjustable collet that is specially designed by Stamford to solve all your concentricity issues and productivity challenges. The most common issues facing high-precision manufacturing industry is the ability to achieve hole tolerance, surface finish, and concentricity of the cutting tool or work piece.
ZeroCon adjustable collet sleeve is the most economical solution that can work together with your existing hydraulic or collet chucking system, without the need to invest on expensive precision tool holder.
With ZeroCon, you can eliminate most machining problems caused by runout of your machine spindle, collet, arbor, tool holder or straightness of cutter.
With a variety of sizes available for both internal and external coolant, there is always a suitable ZeroCon for your drilling requirements.